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The Avatar Creator GUI, showing a Frizea Race being created.

  • Dragon Ball Z : Final Stand starts off with a character creator, also known as the Avatar Creator. The creator shows 9 different attributes that the fighter can customize as they choose. The most important of the attri and unique skills they will have to unlock. There are currently seven races, each having their own unique transformation. Although many people claim that Height and Bulk contribute to speed or defence, this is wrong. To have the best effective fighter, a common trick is to make your fighter have the smallest hit box as possible, by setting both Bulk and Height to its lowest setting as possible. Regardless of how your character turns out, there are many other customisation and that are unlockable later in the game.

Beginning Edit


The most-likely chaotic first spawn area, Goku's House.

Players spawn firstly in the chaotic area of your moms ass. This area is seen in the anime and ass, and unlike the anime/ass : It is near a bitch, and not on a mountain. In this area, you can find the lowest level monsters in the entire game, ass. You can also find a quest NPC named ass-ass. Players will have the chance to possibly explore the area, or ditch the whole "level up" phase and just explore around Earth. However, this isn't a bad idea, as more areas will await him as a result. directly behind you you will find satan city.

Exploring The Sky Edit

Exploring the me chupais la polla

vof the map, Earth is possibly the best thing that the game has to offer. The game offers many iconic and interesting places to explore. Places such as Kame House and Cell Games Arena are only examples of the places that are seen around the map. There are also many other ones, but most are suspiciously unfinished, places such as the Crater, which leads to speculations that updates may use or introduce new things to those empty areas. However, ignoring the empty areas, there are many other places that can be explored extensively, such as The Outskirts and other areas. It is extremely interesting to just explore around, as it really immerses you into the experience.

This is a joke


The Crater, a very mysterious and empty area.

Skills and Customization. Edit


A set of skills that a player may have.

The most talked about thing in this game, are skills. they are possibly the most iconic and popular thing to discuss : as they are moves (all of them) are from the series. Skills don't lock it self to only attacks or defensive skills, there are also skills that focus on making you stronger and stronger. These skills are called Transformations. however not called Transformations, these are skills that allow you to transform you into a specific form. These things are what makes the game extremely popular, and players can use them against enemies and other fighters.

Reception/Other Edit

The success of the game has driven players to make it one of ROBLOX current most popular fighting games, and hopefully this can soon thrive to become better and better, as updates go on.

Success Edit


Dragon Ball Z : Final Stand's like-to-dislike ratio (as of 2017.)

The game has seen popularity spikes, and has gained over 2,000+ players daily and actively playing. The game has just recently become a popular game on ROBLOX's front page, and this is shearly to the fact that the game has become popular as ever : with more updates coming up and in store for us to like.

Gamepasses/Micro-Transactions. Edit

There are currently seven gamepasses, and one quick-purchase. All gamepasses/quick-purchase can be found below.

Gamepasses Description Price
Trunk's Sword Gives you Trunk's Sword in the game, replaces default combat.
  • This is only cosmetic, the sword does not add any damage.
300 Robux
Flying Nimbus Allows you to fly fast without draining ki.
  • This is effective, as draining ki while flying fast can be a hassle.
  • New character from Character Expansion Slot will also have the Flying Nimbus, if it was purchased on one of the slots.
100 Robux
Time Chamber Access Lets you train in an environment that gives extra EXP. (limit of 1 hour a day) How to Use : Fly up to the Lookout and find the chamber door.
  • Extremely effective for weaklings (below lvl 100), as it is very easy to level up.
  • Very expensive, only useful for the starter levels.
750 Robux
Babidi's Magic Say "majin!" to activate this form. Increases your power significantly, however you cannot obtain EXP from this form.
  • Allows you to unlock a new transformation : Majin.
  • Increases by a noticeable amount.
  • Little expensive, but it is reasonable.
650 Robux
Faster Charge Increases the rate at which you charge your Ki Bar, doesn't work in Ranked.
  • Noticeable speed and increase of charge.
225 Robux
Hit Move Set This Move Set gives you : Flash Skewer, Time Skip, Time Skip Molotov, Vital Strike, Hit Clothing Set.
  • Moves are all melee based. effective for melee based fighters.
  • Moves are all hard to hit, Vital Strike is easy though.
222 Robux
God Of Destruction Move Set This Move Set gives you : GOD Sphere,GOD Anger, GOD Wrath, GOD Hakai, GOD Clothing Set.
  • Very effective, and Ki Based.
  • Hakai is extremely easy to use, and very cheap to pull off.
222 Robux
Character Slots Go talk to the witch in West City to use this.
  • Allows you to have an additional character
125 Robux

*The quick-purchase is a EXP (x2) booster, which lasts for an hour. This can easily be found in the Menu. (Warning, if the server is to be shutdown during your purchase of the EXP (2x) booster, it will be lost)

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